Chapter Eleven: The Great Divide

The protagonists, now styling themselves “Team Avatar”, stumble into the Great Divide, the world’s largest canyon. The group starts bickering, so Aang decides to put his diplomatic skills to the test, as an Avatar is supposed to be a conciliator and promoter of peace. He successfully solves their minor disputes, but Aang’s skills are soon put to a more substantial test when two Earth Kingdom tribes, the Zhang and the Gan-Jin, who have been in a feud for 100 years, are forced by the Fire Nation to cross the canyon together. Aang sends Appa across with the most needy people of the two tribes, and, with the help of a knowledgeable earthbender, guides the rest across the vast, dry landscape. Along the way, they are hunted down by large and dangerous native predators called canyon crawlers — resembling a cross between a spider and a crocodile. In the end, Aang is able to end the feud, and the two tribes travel together to the famous capital city of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se.

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