Chapter Twelve: The Storm

Sokka is hired to assist a fisherman with the group needing money. The fisherman berates Aang and angrily calls him “the Avatar who turned his back on the world”. Guilt-ridden, Aang flies away and later reveals to Katara that he ran away from home because the monks at the Southern Air Temple wanted to separate him from Gyatso to begin his Avatar training; after getting caught in a terrible storm, he sealed himself and Appa in the iceberg after crashing into the ocean. Meanwhile, after resolving a feud on Zuko’s ship, Iroh tells the crew that the scar on Zuko’s face was the result of a duel with his own father, who had taken offense when Zuko spoke up in a meeting to oppose a plan to sacrifice Fire Nation soldiers. Zuko was subsequently banished for showing weakness by refusing to fight Ozai. When another storm hits, Sokka and the fisherman are rescued by Aang and Katara. Aang is forced to enter the Avatar State, mirroring the events that led to him being trapped in the iceberg, but this time he is able to escape with the fisherman, Sokka, and Katara. Zuko also acts heroically when his ship is struck by lightning, rescuing a member of his crew who becomes trapped on the bridge; Iroh uses firebending to redirect lightning away from the ship. Zuko sees Aang flying away on Appa, but elects not to pursue them in order to bring his crew to safety.

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