Episode 10 -Metal Urgency

Professor Hackle reactivates the Metallikats in hopes of reprogramming out all of their criminal tendencies. The Metallikats want absolutely no part of this and escape to continue their life of crime. While searching for their hovercraft, “The Metallikat Express”, in the salvage yard, they discover the SWAT Kats’ airplane hangar and attack them. Razor manages to crush them with the Turbokat’s turntable lift, however he realizes that he only crushed their metal bodies and their heads have escaped with the knowledge of the SWAT Kats’ true identities. To complicate matters further, the Metallikats hijack enormous space exploration robots (also invented by Hackle) from Pumadyne called “Macro Bots” that have been converted into military war machines and wreak havoc on the city. The SWAT Kats must stop the giant robots and keep the Metallikats from revealing who they really are.

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