Episode 10 – The Disappearance of Professor Samsa

While searching for an interesting topic for an essay assignment, Elliot comes across the unfinished work of the mysterious Professor Samsa, who disappeared a long time ago just as he was supposedly on the verge of a breakthrough in his study of polymorphism. Deciding that this would make an ideal topic for his essay, Elliot becomes engrossed in the material. Meanwhile, Josh has accidentally told Elvira about Elliot’s crush on Janice and mistakenly thinks that Elliot knows about it and is mad at him. When Elliot suddenly disappears, Josh assumes it’s because of him. In an effort to find Elliot, Josh and the girls look at the Samsa material Elliot was working on and conclude that he’s turned himself into a squirrel that they see running around the library. Capturing the squirrel, the kids set off in search for the secret lab that is rumored to be out in the forest somewhere. They find the lab and discover Elliot is there safe and sound. In fact, he’s found a spider that he is sure is Professor Samsa and is about to try and turn him back into a human, but Victoria accidentally washing the spider down the drain. The children leave depressed at Samsa’s ignominious end. After they leave the squirrel climbs into the polymorphing pod, and is transformed into Professor Samsa.

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