Episode 11 – Forbidden Fruit

The ancient Batu-Batu tree is about to bear fruit- a rare event at Creepschool that is celebrated with a special feast of Batu-Batu pudding. The children are warned not to pick the fruit, and definitely not to eat the fruit raw, as this can have a very strange effect. Victoria and Janice, however, do not hear the full warning as they are too busy bickering. As their bickering intensifies, Janice picks a Batu-Batu fruit and dares Victoria to eat from it. Janice eats from it too, and soon they find that they are growing younger. Life at half their age is much less complicated and the girls forget their differences and become best friends. Elsa, realizing that if they get too young they’ll disappear altogether, goes to Malcolm for help. Janice and Victoria, however, are oblivious to the fate that awaits them as they’re too busy having fun. Dorothy, as the resident expert in age-reducing magic, thinks up an antidote the active ingredient of which is a piece of the root of the Batu-Batu, that has burrowed its way deep beneath the foundations of the school. In a race against the clock, Elliot and Josh brave the unknown to retrieve a piece of Batu-Batu root just as Janice and Victoria have become newborns. The antidote works, the girls are restored to their proper age, and the Batu-Batu feast can go on.

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