Episode 11 -The Ci-Kat-A

An exploration probe returns from its mission in space and is taken to “MASA” – Megakat Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is analyzed by Dr. Harley Street (voiced by Robert Ridgely) who discovers a yellow viscous substance oozing from inside the probe. Upon investigating it, a large cicada with catlike features emerges and bites Dr. Street on his finger. He quickly transforms into a half-kat, half-cicada creature and helps the original cicada transform more kats into mind controlled drones. Dr. Street takes the ci-kat-a to Megakat Nuclear Plant where it eats some of the radioactive reactor core and grows to an enormous size. With the help Dr. Street, it begins a hive in the newly re-opened Megakat Tower to reach their ultimate goal: infestation of the entire planet. The SWAT Kats (Razor and T-Bone) must eliminate the threat, which is more difficult due to T-Bone’s fear of bugs.

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