Episode 11 -The New Sinister Six II

Now that Doctor Octopus knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, he sends Scarlet Spider to claim a key that Spider-Man hid at Aunt May’s house. As Doctor Octopus turns HYDRA Island into Octopus Island with his nano-technology while entraping Arnim Zola, Spider-Man races to get to Scarlet Spider before he can harm Aunt May. In order to deal with Hydro-Man, Spider-Man has awaken Sandman to fight him. When Scarlet Spider is persuaded by Aunt May to help Spider-Man, he seemingly sacrifices his life in order to crash Octopus Island into the ocean as Sandman defeats Hydro-Man. Spider-Man, Iron Spider, and Kid Arachnid were unable to find Scarlet Spider’s body.

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