Episode 12 – Too Old for Teddy Bears

A rare natural event is about to take place at Creepschool- a blue moon is rising, which can have unforeseen consequences. Remembering the chaos this caused the last time, Gilbert pressures Malcolm to issue a warning to the school. Despite being convinced that the children are too old for it to be a problem, Malcolm nonetheless tells them they should stow away any dolls they might have as they could get out of hand. The problem is, the kids are too old- so they are too ashamed to admit to the others that they still have their dolls. With the waxing of the moon, the dolls come alive and capture the children to exact their revenge for being so cruelly shunned and neglected. They then force the kids to have a tea party and humiliate them by exchange embarrassing anecdotes from their past when their dolls were their best friends. Gilbert, so caught up in the possibility that the children might have dolls, completely forgets that he too has a doll of sorts- a statue of a Chinese dragon that stands on his desk. By the time he remembers, it is already on a rampage, incinerating anything and everything that takes Gilbert away from him. Gilbert immediately realizes that the children are in danger, as they are the ones that take most of his time, and tracks them down just as the dragon is about to set them on fire. In the nick of time the blue moon wanes and the dolls and the dragon are back to normal.

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