Episode 13 -Katastrophe

While trying to infiltrate Megakat Biochemical Labs, Dr. Viper encounters Dark Kat’s Creeplings stealing the very thing he came for, Katalyst 100. The SWAT Kats arrive to stop Dark Kat and Viper, but a miscalculation by Razor allows them both to escape into the sewers and blows up the building. Dark Kat suggests to Viper that they join forces to destroy the SWAT Kats once and for all. Dark Kat agrees and decides to gain another ally in the Metallikats. The reactivated Metallikats initially refuse to help Dark Kat and Viper, but Dark Kat anticipated this and places the duo in “neuroscrambler” collars, which force them to do his bidding. The SWAT Kats face their greatest challenge yet in defeating the power quartet, though internal fighting and mistrust just may work to their advantage.

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