Episode 13 -Ninja Twilight

Jackie and Jade find the last Oni Mask Of General Aka underwater and are surprised to find no opposition. However, when they put the mask in the vault, the masks all shatter and release the 9 Oni Generals. The Demons unleash their Shadowkhan armies, who begin to cover the world in darkness. Tohru studies the legend of the Oni and discovers a warning indicating never to bring the masks together. Viper and El Toro arrive to help and the J-Team takes on the Oni. However, Tarakudo grabs the Talismans, and locks them in the conquered Section 13. As the Team searches for an escape route, they discover on the Hana Fuda cards the location of a tenth Oni mask: the one meant for Tarakudo. Using a Shadowkhan symbol tattoo, the Team sends Tohru into the shadow realm to recover the mask. Despite Tohru’s success, he is corrupted by the tattoo’s evil. Using Tohru’s hair, Uncle casts a chi spell that inadvertently restores Tarakudo to his humanoid form. Tarakudo initially overpowers them, but Jade manages to attach the mask to his face. Tohru is returned to normal, and the Shadowkhan and the Oni are all pulled into the mask, freeing the world from darkness.

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