Episode 13 – Split Second

Josh is having a problem with time. He is always late for classes, misses appointments and sleeps late. When the school team loses because he forgot the time, he realizes he has a problem. But then he finds a stopwatch, a watch that stops time. Whenever he presses the button everything around him is frozen in time. Josh finds this very useful. He can wake up late for class, stop time, have his breakfast, walk calmly into class and take a seat before unfreezing time again. Nobody around understands what is going on. But Josh’s playing with time is taking a toll on his age. Every time he uses the watch he gets older, while everyone else stays the same. Until one day he is an old man, unrecognizable to everyone around him, his friends have to rewind the clock to get him back to his proper age, and think again before they reprimand him for being late.

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