Episode 15 -Re-Enter the Dragon

Uncle’s spell locator is unable to find the power of combustibility, because dragons have been extinct since Shendu’s defeat by Lo Pei 900 years ago, and the power is wandering the earth, unable to find a host. Daolon Wong however strikes a deal with Shendu’s spirit, in which Wong will be able to take this power in exchange for Wong resurrecting Shendu’s body. Using ancient Dark Chi spells, Wong conjures a huge egg surrounded by a pool of lava. Upon his rebirth, Shendu double-crosses Wong, taking the Dragon Talisman Power of Fire for himself, as well as absorbing the Rooster and Pig powers from Wong, enraging the Dark wizard. Shendu invades Section 13 to take the nine other animal powers. To buy time for Uncle to do research, Jackie takes the nine animals onto a van, luring Shendu out of Section 13 and into a zoo. Meanwhile Uncle discovers a spell to strip Daolon Wong of his powers, restoring the four Dark Chi warriors to their human forms in the process. The defeated Wong, angry but still furious with Shendu for double-crossing him, reveals an ancient spell to Uncle to fight Shendu.

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