Episode 16 -T’Chanda

Now that they got Ulysses Klaue in their possession, Black Panther and Shuri bring him to the Hall of Royals which is the resting place of the past kings and queens of Wakanda as Klaue claims that Killmonger wanted to use the Crown to tap into the secrets of Wakanda so that he can take over Wakanda. They start with T’Chanda’s grave where Black Panther uses the Crown to learn about his grandfather’s past that involved T’Chanda, Captain America, and Peggy Carter dealing with an exchange of Wakandan technology between Hydra operatives led by Baron Heinrich Zemo and Arnim Zola and the Shadow Council. Though this was a ruse by Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola to capture T’Chanda and get him to open a box for the Shadow Council called Yemandi’s Box.

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