Episode 2 -Hydra Attacks II

Upon being saved by the mysterious Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man rallies Iron Spider and Agent Venom to fight HYDRA, now allied with 2/6s of the new Sinister Six: Doc Ock and Kraven the Hunter. Ock attempts to turn Norman Osborn back into the Green Goblin, but fails as Norman had immunized himself with a formula to counteract any further transformations back into his insane alter ego. Given the antidote, the Spider-Men start reverting the HYDRA goblins back to normal. As they cannot get Zola’s consciousness out of HYDRA Island, Iron Spider programs the engines to take the vessel deep into space, where Zola will never be able to bother them again. Meanwhile, Ock escapes with Kraven to continue rebuilding the Sinister Six.

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