Episode 2 – Just Joshing

On the way to class, Josh takes a shortcut with Elliot and they end up in a strange room they’ve never seen before. Despite a warning sign, Josh pulls out a plug in the floor letting loose an army of mischievous imps who immediately rush off and start causing major problems for Creepschool. What’s more, only the person who released the imps can plug them back in. Josh blames the whole thing on a monster he makes up. Being Creepschool, however, the monster Josh imagined comes to life and kidnaps him and Elliot before they have a chance to tell Malcolm what really happened. Finding themselves in a black void, things look very dark for the two boys. Soon Elliot works out that they are in fact imprisoned in Josh’s own imagination- Josh merely has to imagine a way out and hey presto, there it is. They escape and with Malcolm’s help manage to put every last imp back in the hole. But what about the monster?

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