Episode 2 -The Avatar Returns

After bringing Fire Nation attention to the village, Aang is banished, despite Katara’s objections. Zuko soon descends on the village and demands the Avatar be surrendered to him. Aang returns to the village to defend it, where he reveals that he is, in fact, the Avatar. He then surrenders himself to Zuko on condition that the villagers are left alone, to which Zuko agrees. Katara and Sokka then decide to pursue Aang on Appa. Aboard Zuko’s ship, Aang is at Zuko’s mercy, but he eventually manages to break free from the guards and does battle with Zuko in the process. Aang is nearly defeated by Zuko, getting knocked into the water and almost drowning, but he saves himself using waterbending in his “Avatar State”, in which his eyes and tattoos glow and he channels an incredible display of waterbending to overpower Zuko and his crew. As the three ride away on Appa, they set a course for the North Pole so that Aang and Katara can learn waterbending.

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