Episode 22 -Atlantis Attacks

Bask has defeated Black Panther and takes control of Wakanda. Before Bask can have Black Panther executed, White Wolf rescues Black Panther and they run off with Ulysses Klaue as their hostage. As Shuri is now a prisoner of Bask, Black Panther and White Wolf work to get help from the giant bats. In retaliation for Madame Masque’s laser being fired on Atlantis by Bask, Elanna and Tiger Shark lead the Atlanteans into attacking in order to get to Bask. With Wakanda on the threat of sinking and Bask having sacrificed her life to stop the laser, Black Panther now must use the Crown to save Wakanda. Black Panther manages to save Wakanda, and is about to make peace with Elanna and Atlantis, but hears of White Wolf’s death at the hands of Tiger Shark. He viciously attacks Tiger Shark, but relents from killing him. Instead, he again chooses peace, Elanna gives Tiger Shark to be judged by Wakanda, while Black Panther gives Killmonger to be judged by Atlantis, thus; signifying peace between the two nations. With Shuri now crowned queen of Wakanda, Black Panther takes the opportunity to reflect on what to do next, but knows that the Black Panther will always be needed by Wakanda and the world.

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