Episode 22 – Past and Imperfect

Victoria finds out she is descended from a noble family. Janice finds out she is the descendant from a rebel. They also find out that their families were in a feud. Janice’s ancestors actually overthrew Victoria’s and relieved her of her nobility. Victoria has a hard time accepting this. She and Janice become enemies. Soon Victoria is visited by her ancestors who ask her to avenge her family. Victoria starts scheming against Janice, she does things that break the rules and sets up Janice to get the blame. Finally Janice is blamed for the outrageous deed of trying to reveal Creepschool to the entire world. Malcolm has to expel her from Creepschool. Janice is forced to leave, everyone is sad. When Victoria finally gets her land and crown she remembers what good friends she and Janice’s were and how futile her victory is compared to that. Victoria confesses to Malcolm and Janice returns to Creepschool.

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