Episode 22 -The Spider Slayers II

Because Arnim Zola stole Doctor Octopus’ research, Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man have Doctor Octopus take him to the sunken HYDRA Island where Scarlet Spider wants the information of his past which was also stolen. Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, and Scarlet Spider fight the Delta-Nine Synthezoids, a Spider-Slayer team of Spider-Man/Synthezoid hybrids consisting of Bone Spider, Goliath Spider, and Ghost Spider. The Delta-Nine Synthezoids are part of Arnim Zola’s Weapon S program that Scarlet Spider was created as part of. Later, Arnim Zola reawakens. Meanwhile, Mary Jane rounds up Agent Venom, Iron Spider and Kid Arachnid to meet up with Spider-Man to show her transformation as Spider-Woman. Scarlet Spider is revealed to be a Spider-Synthezoid with too much Spider-Man DNA. At the same time, Doctor Octopus uses another nanotechnology upgrade that not only changes to another appearance, but also improved his whole body completely.

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