Episode 23 – Believe It or Not

Victoria is a very dedicated news reporter at the Creepschool Gazette. Nothing stands in her way when it comes to finding the best story, not even the truth. Malcolm is very stressed and nervous these days, it is time for the decennial inspection of Creepschool. He and Gilbert are all over the place trying to get everything in order to pass the test, when accidentally Gilbert trips and breaks his leg. Just then Malcolm conveniently finds an ad for a temping agency, which he contacts and soon afterwards Ernest shows up offering his services. Victoria gets suspicious of the new assistant. Nobody believes her however, since she has been so careless with the truth before. Gilbert also finds the man very suspicious and joins with Victoria to get to the bottom of this. It turns out the assistant is a Vorga, a creature that lives on peoples souls and is a master of disguise. Gilbert and Victoria are just about to reveal him when he captures their souls. Victoria’s friends realize she has been telling the truth about Ernest and run in and save Malcolm just as he too is about to be relieved of his soul. Everything is back in order; now there is just the inspection left to worry about.

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