Episode 23 -The Spider Slayers III

Following the fight against Arnim Zola; Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Agent Venom, Iron Spider, and Kid Arachnid bring Scarlet Spider and the Delta-Nine Synthezoids back to the Triskelion where they have to get Nova, Power Man, Iron Fist, and Squirrel Girl to stand down due to what happened when they know Scarlet Spider worked for Doctor Octopus, revealed Spider-Man’s identity, to endanger S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and Aunt May, being all against him and be locked up for life. When a security breach places the Triskelion in lockdown and starts draining the energies of its inhabitants enough to leave them with coma-like symptoms, they find that a reassembled Kaine is responsible as he targets the spider-based characters. When Kaine gets control of the Delta-Nine Synthezoids, Spider-Man and the other spider-based heroes defeat Kaine after he combines with the Delta-Nine Synthezoids to form a hybrid form.

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