Episode 24 – Making Up is Hard to Do

Victoria is a great admirer of herself. She is the smartest, best, most beautiful girl in the world if you ask her. When Dorothy has a garage sale outside her room, Victoria gets her hands on a very beautiful mirror. The mirror turns out to be a talking mirror and also the best friend Victoria ever had. She massages Victoria’s ego and when Victoria does anything wrong, such as eating Josh’s cookies or ruining Elsa’s painting, the mirror assuages whatever guilt Victoria may have. The problem is that Victoria’s looks are deteriorating more and more. Soon she cannot be without the makeup the mirror offers her. The more selfishly and nastily she behaves under the power of her new ego, the more blemishes she gets. Soon there is only one thing left to do. Take the Creepschool crest that supposedly gives Creepschool all the power and glory it possesses. As soon as Victoria removes the crest from its place, the school starts to crumble and fall to pieces. Victoria finally wakes up from her obsession and despite protests from the mirrors she put the crest back and runs off into the woods convinced she will now be ugly forever. Elsa runs after her and makes her look in a small mirror. When Victoria looks in the mirror, she looks like she always has. Victoria throws the talking mirror down the garbage chute and promises herself she will never look in a mirror again, well not for a very long time at least.

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