Episode 25 – Game Over

Josh has got a new hand-held computer game and is playing it constantly, so much so that Elliot hasn’t gotten any sleep. When Elliot complain, Josh teases him saying he’s just jealous cause he could never beat Josh’s high score. Faced with this challenge, Elliot starts to play. The object of the game is to escape the ants- each level has a special weapon and golden key that have to be found in order to make it to the next level. Elliot quickly becomes so obsessed with the game that he can think of nothing else, he plays in class, ignores his friends, forgets his school work- clearly something drastic needs to be done. In a final effort to get rid of the game, Mr. Edgar throws it down the inter-dimensional garbage chute, but a desperate Elliot jumps in after it. When he exits the chute he cannot find the game, but soon discovers that he is in fact inside it and has to run for his life from the pixilated ants. Using what he learned playing the game he barely escapes the ants. At first he rushes around in a panic trying to warn everyone about the ants, but they just look at him like he’s crazy. It turns out that the ants only appear when he is alone. When he realizes this he does all he can to hang out with his friends, or anyone else who will put up with him. In the end, however, he is forced to defeat the queen ant in the final level in order to escape from the game. When he finally does, the hand-held game reappears and Elliot emerges elated and victorious holding the game- all his friends cannot understand how he could have gotten so carries away with a stupid little game.

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