Episode 26 – Lost and Found

Victoria has lost a necklace she got as a present from her parents a few days earlier, and goads everyone into helping her find it. While they’re out looking, Janice finds an old toy, a merry-go-round. Whenever she sets it in motion, a strange music starts up and she is transported into the past where she meets a young boy who’s just lost his parents and is being taken away to live with his cruel uncle. Each visit to the past, however, last only a few minutes before she is pulled back into her own time again. Despite her friends advice that she stay away from that toy as it could be of evil design, she becomes so concerned with the little boy’s fate that she repeatedly returns to the past in an effort to help him, but with each trip the toy becomes damages, and it becomes more and more difficult to return to the past. Meanwhile, her friends, in their search for the necklace, discover the Lost and Found Emporium, a storage room for all things ever lost by anyone throughout time. At first they’re not allowed to look for the necklace because whatever lesson Victoria gained by losing the necklace would itself be lost if she were to find the necklace. Finally, however, the caretaker looks in his books and explains that the necklace isn’t there anyway because someone else found it. Unbeknownst to them, that someone is Janice, who accidentally finds the necklace when she takes the toy to Tony to ask his help in fixing it. When she then goes back in time one final time, she succeeds in helping the little boy escape and puts him in the care of the benevolent Mr. Mars, who is starting a school for lost children. Having nothing else to give the little boy to remember her by, she gives him Victoria’s necklace. Back in the present, Janice is melancholic at the thought that she’ll never see the little boy again as the merry-go-round is beyond repair. She talks about it with Malcolm, who sympathizes as he once lost a good friend in a similar way, but he has a little memento to remember her by. He pulls it out to show her- it’s Victoria’s necklace! The two friends are happily reunited, and Victoria gets her necklace back.

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