Episode 3 -The Amazing T-Troop

Jade’s dog Scruffy joins Jackie and her in the search for a third Oni mask, The Mask Of General Kiiro. Accidentally, Scruffy ends up wearing the mask. Tarakudo controls him, and uses him to summon a new breed of Shadowkhan named the Bat Khan. Jade, compelled to rescue her Dog, forms the T-Troop: T-Girl, (Jade) with the strength of the Ox; Super Moose, animated by the Rat talisman; and Mordecai the Pig and Egbert the Rooster (visiting a town at the time) with their respective talisman powers. Jade ends up captured, and the Troop teams up with Jackie to rescue both her and Scruffy. This episode features the return of the Dog, Pig and Rooster that were previously the Noble Animals that were infused with the Talisman powers from Season 3.

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