Episode 3 – Wish of the Garbo

Janice is in a bad mood, people keep disturbing her. While reading an enchanted book of the Garbo that grants your innermost desires, Janice screams out, “leave me alone,” and suddenly finds herself truly on her own – she has all of Creepschool to herself. First she enjoys doing exactly as she pleases without anyone interfering. After a while, however, she begins to feel lonely. To her surprise she discovers that she isn’t actually alone. She meets a very bad-tempered old lady, who’s been alone for so long she doesn’t remember her name. Eventually it is revealed that the crabby old lady is actually Janice as she would become if she spends her life on her own. As she rushes off in search for other people, Janice discovers that she isn’t in the real Creepschool, but a miniature model inside a snow globe. Elliot, who has been searching for Janice, sees her inside the globe. Wishing he could help her get out, the Garbo grants his wish, and Janice is reunited with her friends.

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