Episode 4 -Destructive Nature

The 300-story Megakat Tower office building is about to open for business, but its first tenant is a most unwelcome one: Dr. Viper, who seizes the structure with his army of monstrous, acid-spitting “plantimals.” He places a huge “spore pod” on top of the penthouse; when it explodes, it will cover Megakat City with spores, turning the metropolis into the “Megaswamp City” of Viper’s fantasies. Obviously, the SWAT Kats can’t allow this. However, Viper’s mutations are immune to most of the SWAT Kat’s missiles, leaving T-Bone to run interference in the Turbokat while Razor sneaks into the building and tries to stop Viper with the help of Callie Briggs, who happened to be in the tower when it was taken over by Viper.

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