Episode 4 -The Warriors of Kyoshi

Looking for a short break from their travels, Aang brings the gang to the Earth Kingdom’s Kyoshi Island, where he seeks to ride Elephant Koi, enourmous fish who inhabit the surrounding waters. However, the group are captured by the Kyoshi Warriors, a group of warriors (consisting entirely of girls) who protect the island. But they are freed when Aang proves he is the Avatar, and he quickly gains reverence among the island’s inhabitants. But his popularity, especially among the girls, soon goes to his head, creating a rift between him and Katara. Meanwhile, Sokka is embarrassed after being bested by girls in combat training, and strives to prove himself stronger than the Kyoshi Warriors. When he suffers further embarrassments, he swallows his pride and respectfully asks to be trained by their leader, Suki, who agrees. Aang’s desire for popularity soon puts himself and Katara at risk when he tries to ride a Unagi sea serpent, as well as the whole island when Zuko gets word of his location. Zuko attacks, but Aang, Katara, and Sokka all manage to escape before the entire island is decimated in the Fire Nation attack. Aang uses the Unagi to extinguish the fires caused by the Fire Nation attack.

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