Episode 5 – Goal Keeper

Elliot is depressed; everyone else seems to know exactly what they want out of life, but he has no idea. Master suggests he go to the Chamber of Goals and try out a few dreams to see if anything takes his fancy. Elliot does so and finds a room full of empty picture frames. Whenever he hangs one on the wall, a specific goal appears that Elliot then gets to experience once he leaves the room. He has a great time trying them all out, but then notices that everyone at Creepschool is slowly fading. It turns out that by trying out all the dreams he’s been robbing others of their dreams, without which they cease to exist. Eventually even Creepschool itself fades away. Elliot pleads with the Goal Keeper to bring his friends back. The Goal Keeper agrees but wants Elliot’s deepest, most cherished desire in return- his true love for Janice. Elliot has no choice- he agrees and is reunited with his friends.

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