Episode 5 -The Metallikats

In a flashback, Mac and Molly escape from the maximum security prison of “Alkatraz” by boat, but while in the middle of the bay, they are hit by a passing ship and drown. They wash ashore near the laboratory of Professor Hackle (voiced by George Hearn), a former weapons designer now working to create and invent things to help the world. They are discovered by two of Hackle’s robots. He scans Mac and Molly’s minds onto hard drives and puts them into the robots. They nickname themselves “The Metallikats” since they are now made out of metal. Despite the hopes of Professor Hackle, the Metallikats decide to continue their villainous exploits and use their new robot bodies to their advantage. After taking out a fellow crime boss, they set their sights on Mayor Manx, whom they believed denied their parole (when in reality it was Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs). The SWAT Kats must race to save both Callie and the Mayor from being terminated by the Metallikats.

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