Episode 6 -Bride of the Pastmaster

The episode begins with Jake fancying himself and talking about Callie while Chance falls in love with Feral, then the SWAT Kats battling an enormous oil-sucking eel that has been attacking oil tankers heading for Megakat City. Using all but one missile, the duo defeat the creature and prepare to fly home. However, the Pastmaster opens a time vortex near Megakat City which (unbeknownst to the Pastmaster) sucks the SWAT Kats into it. The SWAT Kats emerge in the Dark Ages where they are thought to be sorcerers (due to their “flying machine”) and are attacked by Queen Callista (a medieval version of Callie Briggs) and her medieval knights. Upon yanking a sword from a nearby stone, Razor is believed to be the foretold warrior that will protect them from the Pastmaster. The duo learn that the Pastmaster has threatened to destroy “Megalith City” unless Queen Callista marries him. The Pastmaster summons two cyclopes and two dragons to aid him with his plan. With the Turbokat damaged and almost no modern weaponry, the SWAT Kats must protect Megalith City, destroy the rampaging monsters, vanquish the Pastmaster and get back to the present with the help of Queen Callista.

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