Episode 6 – Cool Clay

While goofing off in science class, Josh creates a concoction that explodes, covering the classroom and his classmates in yellow goop. Forced to clean it all up after class, Josh is amazed to see the goop form itself into a perfect, living copy of himself. What’s better is that his double does anything Josh tells him to do, and is better at everything than he is, in fact he’s very good at everything. At first this is a godsend- Josh gets to stay in his room all day playing video games, while his copy goes to class for him- Josh has never gotten such good grades before. In fact, the double is better than Josh at everything, including impressing the girls. Gradually, his double starts acting on his own and showing megalomaniacal tendencies. Tired of doing Josh’s bidding he imprisons Josh, and Elliot too. Eventually, the girls uncover the truth and manage to trick the double at his moment of triumph. They throw water on him, melting him back into a pile of goop.

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