Episode 6 -Imprisoned

Aang, Katara, and Sokka camp near a small Earth Kingdom town where they meet a young earthbender named Haru. However, the town is occupied by the Fire Nation, and earthbending is forbidden. Katara convinces Haru to save an old man using earthbending, only to have the same old man turn Haru in. Katara then devises a plan to save Haru by getting herself arrested for earthbending, which she fakes with some help from Aang and Sokka. When she arrives at the Fire Nation prison, a metal sea fortress that is impervious to earthbending, she finds Haru and his long-imprisoned father. However, she also discovers that all of the prisoners have lost hope due to their inability to bend. Katara successfully leads a rebellion with Aang and Sokka’s help by delivering the earthbenders coal from the fortress, which Katara uses to inspire them into action. The earthbenders all escape after battling the Fire Nation guards, and return to their occupied towns with plans to rebel against Fire Nation occupation. The episode ends with Zuko finding Katara’s lost necklace on the fortress.

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