Episode 7 -Half A Mask Of Kung-Fu

After losing a new Oni Mask Of General Kuro to an auction manager, the Chans and the Dark Hand attempt to win it in the auction. However, both teams are beaten by Valmont. He plans to use the mask to summon an army of Shadowkhan thieves, but in the ensuing fight the mask is broken in half. Valmont puts on one half, and can only summon half-Shadowkhan, called Crab Khan. The removal potion ends up in a mail truck, and the Chans go after it. However, when Valmont attacks, Jade puts on the other mask half to summon aid. As Jade and Valmont both start to succumb to the masks, they meet up in the post office where the spell has ended up. The two Demon halves join forces, gluing their Shadowkhan together through darkness. However, Jade and Valmont manage to get the potion, and together get their masks off. Valmont ditches his mask half for a box of diamonds, but ends up packaged and on his way to Mexico.

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