Episode 7 -Night of the Dark Kat

The SWAT Kats are out testing a newly installed turbo engine on the Turbokat when they intercept an Enforcer emergency broadcast. A villain known as Hard Drive has broken into a top secret military research center and stolen defense secrets. Hard Drive has the unique ability to travel through anything electrical as a surge of electricity using his “Surge Coat”. The SWAT Kats track his surge signal and subdue him in a special insulated missile. After being taken to a jail cell, Hard Drive is broken out by Dark Kat and his Creeplings. Dark Kat forces Hard Drive to team up with him to help capture, discredit and destroy the SWAT Kats using the Turbokat to hold the city hostage. The SWAT Kats are captured by Dark Kat using Hard Drive as bait in an abandoned cat litter factory. As Dark Kat prepares the SWAT Kats to be crushed in a litter grinder, Hard Drive steals the Turbokat and wreaks havoc on the city. Commander Feral, Mayor Manx and even Callie Briggs question the SWAT Kats’ actions. It is up to them to escape the grinder, clear their name and defeat the evil duo before it is too late.

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