Episode 7 – The Secret of the Well

Elliot is chatting in the graveyard with his pal Master, who is telling him stories from his childhood. He tells him what a terror he was, how he once accidentally discovered how to get the Screaming Meemie to leave its lair at the bottom of the well- a feat nobody has pulled off before or since. Elliot wishes he could have known Master as a boy, whereupon Master gives him an undeveloped picture of himself, the only one ever taken. While trying to develop it, Elliot accidentally spills some strange fluid onto it, but being late for class, hangs it up to dry and rushes off. As the picture develops we see that the figure is missing from the image. In class the children are divided up into two teams and told to go out taking pictures of rare creatures- the rarer the creature the more points for the team. Suddenly a new student, Augustus, appears out of nowhere, and ends up on Elliot’s team. Elliot’s team is losing miserably, and Augustus is constantly getting them into trouble, particularly with Master, who dislikes the boy intensely right from the start. Soon Elliot’s team realizes that they cannot win- no creature is rare enough for them to be able to catch up& except the Screaming Meemie. Going for broke they try to find a way to get the Meemies to come out so they can take a picture. Nothing works until Augustus discovers it by mistake. They rush off with the picture and win the competition, but Augustus fades away before their very eyes. Seeing the picture hanging in the dark room, we see the figure has returned- it was Augustus. He was Master as a child.

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