Episode 7 -Winter Solstice: The Spirit World

The trio find themselves in a small Earth Kingdom village that is being attacked by Hei Bai, a monster from the Spirit World. The village believes that Aang can make peace with the spirit, since the Avatar is said to be the bridge between the Physical and the Spirit World. Aang unsuccessfully tries to calm the monster, which kidnaps Sokka in the process of attacking the village. Aang pursues him, but he is knocked out and ends up in the Spirit World, from which he cannot be seen or heard, nor does he have the ability to airbend. While there, he is told that the previous Avatar, Roku, has a message for him on the Winter Solstice, delivered by the spirit of Roku’s dragon. After returning, Aang proceeds to calm the attacking spirit, who was upset that the nearby forest he watches over was destroyed by the Fire Nation, restoring peace to the village. Elsewhere, Iroh is captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while bathing in a hot spring. The soldiers plan to take him to the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se, to face justice, but Iroh proves to be an immensely formidable firebender, even when restrained. Zuko eventually catches up with the soldiers to help free him, forgoing his chase for the Avatar for a time.

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