Episode 8 – Frame-Up

Victoria is fuming over the lack of organization at Creepschool; things aren’t properly maintained, the schedule is impossible to understand, and nobody ever does any cleaning. Catching sight of a portrait hanging at a slant, Victoria straightens it, and is immediately met by the gushing gratitude of the subject, thankful to finally be hanging straight. He rewards Victoria by giving her four wishes. Wasting the first one just to see if it really works, Victoria then wishes she were principal, so she could take care of some of the many problems she was so worked up over. Once she is principal, however, power goes to her head and she quickly discovers that running a school is harder than she realized. The problems escalate until the school is in total chaos and the students and faculty up in arms. Eventually, she is forced to use up her wishes to avert disaster, using her last one to wish things back the way they were. The only problem is that her friends remember how she treated them when she was principal, and forgiveness doesn’t come easy.

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