Episode 8 -Sheep In, Sheep Out

The Chans and Daolon Wong go to Scotland to find the noble Sheep Bob with the Talisman Power of Astral Projection. But the Sheep’s Astral form leaves its body when witnessing the Chans and the Enforcers fight over it, and it is up to Jade to persuade it to return. If that wasn’t bad enough the Dark Chi Enforcers are banished to Limbo for their failure but now Wong decides to use the Shadowkhan in their place. Despite their efforts, Wong gets to the Sheep first, and banishes Jackie and Jade’s Astral forms with the Sheep’s power. When their astral forms are accidentally placed into the wrong bodies by Uncle, Jackie and Jade must work together in this condition to help Uncle take back the Sheep’s power before Wong can use it to easily locate the remaining noble animals.

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