Episode 9 – Laughing Stock

Elliot feels uncomfortable in his skin; why can’t he be more outgoing and spontaneous, or tell jokes that make people laugh, like Josh does? This weighs particularly heavily on his mind as he perceives these qualities to be the kind that Janice enjoys. He finds a cool-looking jacket that makes him feel very slick and confident whenever he puts it on. In fact, it changes his whole persona, turning him into a scathingly sarcastic, fast talking comedian. At first, everyone is impressed by the sudden change in Elliot, but his put-downs are so harsh that his friends begin to resent him, particularly Josh, whom he humiliates when he steals the MC spot that Josh had his heart set on right from under his nose. Elliot, saddened by what the coat makes him say to his friends, and terrified he’ll end up saying something nasty to Janice, tries desperately to remove the jacket, but it’s too strong. When he finally finds himself face-to-face with Janice, with a perfect chance to fire off a put-down as she has just ruined her hair preparing for the talent contest, Elliot ends up in a final life-and-death struggle with the jacket. Elliot wins and the jacket comes off, all just in time for the talent show. Without the help of the jacket Elliot is terrified about going on stage and pleads with Josh to forgive him and take the MC job he so richly deserved. Josh agrees and Janice consoles Elliot, assuring him that they like him just the way he is.

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