Episode 9 -The Ghost Pilot

While working on construction for the new Megakat Marina, a crane operator pulls an old MegaWar II biplane out of Megakat Bay. It is discovered to be the plane of the Red Lynx, one of the greatest pilots of MegaWar II, but also one of the most evil. During Megawar II, the Red Lynx and the Blue Manx (the great-grandfather of Mayor Manx) were arch-enemies and engaged in countless dogfights. The plane is taken to the Megakat Museum of History and put on display in the aviation wing. That night, the spirit of the Red Lynx (voiced by Mark Hamill) is resurrected and takes control of his plane, flying it out of the museum. The Red Lynx is still out for vengeance against his arch-rival and sets his sights on his descendant, Mayor Manx. T-Bone is a huge admirer of the Red Lynx and marvels at his flying skills. When the Red Lynx steals a new, highly advanced Enforcer jet, the SWAT Kats have their hands full trying to take him down and clear the skies.

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