Episode 9 -Winter Solstice: Avatar Roku

Aang grows frantic over the fact that he must master all elements to defeat the Fire Lord before Sozin’s Comet arrives, so Katara begins teaching Aang waterbending, despite her limited training. Waterbending comes naturally for Aang, much to Katara’s frustration. Later, while in town to buy supplies, Katara finds a waterbending scroll on a ship run by pirates, which she promptly steals. Katara struggles to learn the techniques in the scroll, while Aang picks them up quickly, further frustrating Katara. Meanwhile, Zuko runs into the pirates and agrees to help them find the scroll, and subsequently Aang. They soon find and capture Aang, Katara, and Sokka, but Sokka turns the pirates against Zuko, and the three escape in the ensuing fight, with Aang and Katara using their newly developed waterbending skills.

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